In-House Sports Massage Therapist

Chantal Kibbey Sports Massage Mare Nostrum

Sports Massage At Sancture Sportifs

We provide our very own, in-house sports massage therapist here at Sancture Sportifs. These treatments form an integral part of your training program, allowing you to recover faster and train harder so you get the most from your stay.

Chantal Kibbey Sports Massage Running Events

About Chantal Kibbey Sports Massage

Chantal Kibbey is a professional Sports Massage Therapist who specialises in massage, joint mobilisation and movement of the muscles tendons and ligaments. The primary aim of her treatments with our athletes is to increase recovery times to aid with training. She also specialises in injury prevention and recovery.

Chantal works with many top athletes in the world of sport including triathletes, trail runners, swimmers, cyclists, rugby players and body builders.

She recently worked for the USA National Swimming Team at the International Mare Nostrum Events in Monte-Carlo and Canet-en-Roussillon, treating Olympic Gold Medal winners such as Ryan Lochte and Kirsty Coventry.

Chantal Kibbey Sports Massage Mare Nostrum Canet 2015

Sancture Sports Massage Pricing

Sports massage sessions can be arranged at time of booking your stay or after your arrival (subject to availability).

*Rates for Sancture Sportifs athletes. Rates include all travel costs for Chantal, equipment and full consultation with athletes.