Your Custom Triathlon Plan by Richard Laidlow





Step By Step Guide To Our Training Plans

STEP 1 – The Triathlete Profile

Simply email us to say you are interested in a “Custom Training Plan”. I will then send you,  a Triathlete Profile via email to complete. This Profile will gather complete information on you, your training and racing history as well as help you to define your goals. It will also provide a brief lifestyle audit (your working times, training times, equipment, training facilities, family commitments, etc.).

STEP 2 – Evaluation and Follow up

Armed with your information from the questionnaire, I’ll do a complete evaluation of your previous training and racing. I’ll determine your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. I’ll evaluate your goals and determine how to best advance you towards them. If necessary, I’ll follow-up to gather more details or get clarification. I will also confirm the exact price of your plan with you (based simply on the number of weeks the plan runs for)

STEP 3 – Design of your New Training Plan

Lastly, I’ll design and build a fully customized triathlon training program just for you. The plan is designed for exactly the  period of time you have available leading up to the event(s) or goal(s) you wish to peak for. Your program will gradually but progressively guide you towards your race(s). You’ll train optimally and avoid the pitfalls that come with following a generic program. You’ll become a better triathlete.

STEP 4 – Your New Training Plan Arrives

Once the design step is completed (usually taking 1-2 weeks), your new custom tri training plan will be available to you though a superb web based software program. Giving you the ability to upload data from your heart rate monitor, GPS, and Power meters (compatible with over 80 different devices). Allowing you to accurately record, monitor and analyse training and racing data as well as an online training diary allowing you to record all of your training fully.

Each Triathlon Training Plan provides:

Quality Triathlon Training Plans designed specifically for each distance.
Your Triathlon Coach provides you with full instructions to ease you into your training, detailed descriptions of workouts for each day of your program and Periodization to ensure you are 100% ready on race day.

Individual Triathlon Training Plan and Sessions.
Your Triathlon Coach designs these specifically for you and your goals, across all disciplines to reflect your personal needs. Leading into your specific key event(s).

Superb Web Based Software.
Providing fully interactive triathlon training and nutritional support. Giving you the ability to upload data from your Heart Rate, GPS, and Power meters ( compatible with over 80 different devices). Allowing you to accurately record, monitor and analyse training and racing data and feed this automatically to your Triathlon Coach.

Online Training Diary.
Allowing you to record all of your Triathlon Training simply and fully and provide your coach with essential feedback and information on how you feel.

Strength and Core Stability Training Sessions.
This feature includes video footage and photography on how to perform strength and core conditioning exercises correctly  to help compliment the swim, bike and run workouts in your triathlon training plans.

Nutrition Diary allowing you to record your daily nutrition.
This featur
e allows both you and your coach to monitor your eating habits (both good and bad!)

Online Forum for advice and communication with other clients.
A useful additional feature which can help you with advise and guidance from a triathlon training community.