Triathlon Camp Kit List

General Advice

This is a general kit list, so that you don’t forget to bring anything! Plus a little about the climate. Remember though we are open all year round, so summer cycling clothing is probably just a tri suit for some, where as in January you would need sleeves, winter cycle jacket and longs etc. It is often very clear and sunny, no matter when you come, so bring a sweat proof sun-cream.

  • Bring one towel, but if space/weight are an issue, we can supply them.
  • We have washing machines, and even supply the washing tablets, so it is no problem if you travel light.
  • We stock a full range of POWERBAR Products ( drinks, gels, bars, ride shots ) and NOON tablets, all at slightly under retail price, and water bottles if  you do not bring your own.
  • There is a great Decathlon Store in Perpignan too.
  • If you are hiring a bike, please bring your own helmet and shoes and pedals if they are not LOOK.

Obviously nobody can guarantee the weather, whatever time of year it is, so bring along sensible clothing for the time of year. Try not to wear cotton next to the skin for training as it holds moisture (always use a technical fabric that wicks away the sweat from the skin).

Amelie Les Bains & Languedoc-Roussillon Weather

Sancture Sportifs Warm Weather Training

The region is the second sunniest in France after Corsica, with over 300 days of invigorating sun each year. The average annual temperature is 14º, and the town of Eus is France’s sunniest place. The most rains falls in January and February and the hottest, driest months are July and August with average temperatures well into the 30º C. One of the best months for mild very sunny weather is October.

Swimming Kit

Trunks / costume / tri-suit, wetsuit for open water (and/or if you want to use it in pool sessions as this is allowed) swimming goggles, two swimming hats (you do not have to wear hats in the pools – so if you have short hair and it is warm…no problem), anti-chafing product for wetsuit (if you have this issue).

We have: floats, paddles, pull buoys and training fins that we will provide as and when necessary.

Cycling Kit

Road bike (clean and good working order), spare inner tubes x 2 and tyre levers, helmet [compulsory], cycling shoes (or trainers, if you are a novice),

Two x 750ml water bottles are advised for cycling sessions.

Two full sets of cycling clothing kit  (see notes before also) but basically depending on when you are coming out these would be our suggestions:

November to  March:

Short and long sleeve tops, shorts and full length tights, thermals, windproof gilets and a light weight water proof jacket, plus a good winter cycle jacket, gloves, hat/bandana, overshoes.

April  and October:

Short and long sleeve tops, shorts and 3/4 length tights, tri- suit, windproof gilets and a light weight water proof jacket, sleeves, sunglasses, often it is really clear and sunny, but if you do get a bad day and are in the mountains it is better to be prepared.

May to September

Shorts, short sleeve tops, tri suit, windproof gilets and a light weight water proof jacket, sun glasses.

We have: allen keys, multi-tools, other tools, bike cleaning stuff, pump, spare inner tubes, spare tyre levers.

Richard always carries kit, and first aid essentials too.


Running shoes (we run on road and off road (depending on groups), but nothing that really requires Trail shoes (unless you prefer or are on an Xterra Training Camp)

Two sets of running kit: See three different weather slots above and pack accordingly.

Very rare that you would need hat and gloves (except for evening track sessions in January or February maybe).

We hope this helps!

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