What Athletes Say About Sancture Sportifs Triathlon Training Camps

Sancture Lake Swims Tri Training Camps

Here at Sancture Sportifs we specialise in Triathlon Training Camps and have been experts in our field since 2004. We have an established training base in the South of France. We also provide Personal Coaching for triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers of all abilities as well as Custom Training Plans.

We are very proud of our athletes and everything they have achieved. Here is what some of them have to say about us.

My husband and I booked for a week in May and this would be our first Triathlon holiday/training camp experience.  Everything lived up to and surpassed our expectations. It was fully coached and supported and tailored exactly to our requirements.   Superb accommodation in very tranquil surroundings and excellent facilities. It was great to have a balance between swim/bike/run and the fresh food was out of this world.….. We brought lots of recipes and ideas home.  We really enjoyed the relaxed set up and outstanding hospitality. It was the perfect balance between hard training and technique based coaching and we had a fab fab fab time, lots of training and learning but also lots of chilling!  A simply brilliant ambiance and picturesque cycling. We did not want to go home, it was Triathlon heaven and Richard built our confidence no end and we left inspired and motivated. Richard was really terrific and offered a very personal service  - even fitted my aero bars.  A really great week. We really valued the experience and knowledge of Richard as a coach and his willingness to share it. We certainly hope to be back again.  Merci beaucoup!" C'est magnifique!" As a result we both quickly signed up with Richard as our coach.  He has helped us to become stronger and smarter.  We look forward to a winter season of training with him and (hopefully) realising our full potential for the racing season 2012 and beyond…..maybe even an IRONMAN, eek!!!!!!  The coaching is very personalised and individual and tailored to our needs and races. All questions are answered and believe me I ask a lot…………..and my way is initially the only and right way……hmmmmmm,  compared to Rob who does not tell or ask anything…….  Thank you for everythingLaura and Bob
Laura and BobTeam Baylis
Richard eagle's eye for the kinetics of the human body left me in awe. He knows and sees all biomechanical details of our movements (flawed or not). Any athlete (professional or aspirational like myself) who happens to be lucky to come under his close scrutiny is bound to profit from his thorough evaluation. What impressed me most was the way he transfers his knowledge: tips, analogies, examples are spot on! He just gets under your skin. A definite A-ha experience. Michelle, on her part,  is the embodiment of soft power. She has her hands everywhere, organising, cooking, managing, coaching, training and taking everybody under her motherly wings. This all is done with minimum effort, of course (well, at least she makes it look easy). The one week with them  made me realise that triathlon is not a sport but a way of life, which requires a special mindset. By observing Sam and little Jake, both in their physical skills and sheer determination, one can be easily tempted to believe that such mindset is an inherited feature, genetically determined. My only hope is that this suspicion will be proven wrong and such feature may be at the end of the day acquired (after much sweating and hard work).  For triathletes, however, sweating and hardwork are soothing, pleasant words, and the (in)famous brick sessions a stroll in the woods... Thanks for everything, Greetz,Valeria
It is an honour to close out this guest book, and all I can really do is to echo the comments of those who come earlier. It really is a magical place to come and train, but you turn the dream into reality with superb local knowledge, thoughtful and positive coaching and, most of all, a wonderful, friendly base with all the rest and nutrition a true athlete (or normal person!) could wish. I'll definitely be back, there is so much to improve.Ed
Great Coaching, Great Location, Great Food, Great Company, in short GREAT!!!!!!Michael and Pat
Michael and Pat
Back again for trip No.4. About to book 5 and 6 ahead of Ironman Switzerland! Love it here!Sarah
Thanks for a fantastic week, great setting, big hills, more exercise than I have ever done in 7 days. I will be faster in everything when I return and will break 20 mins up Montbolo! Thanks again.James
Thanks Richard and Michelle for a wonderful week. I have done more than I thought I could and have gained so much in skills and confidence. I can't wait to get home and use everything I've learn't. All this coupled with loads of fun and a lovely atmosphere....can't wait to come back again.Jenni
Belated note to thank you for your hospitality while I was staying with you. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the training, even the swimming! The rides were great and I’d love the chance to come back and sample some more, maybe next year!Tony
Thanks again for a wonderful holiday....good food, good training and going home leaner again.Gregor
GregorTeam XS
Big breakfast, bigger hills, large pool, long sessions, enormous evening meal!! Multiply by 7 days and six nights then apply liberally to four post menopausal males (i.e. any bloke over 18). Sounds like training heaven. Pebble dash with effort, sprinkle with high winds, sun and snow, then stir thoroughly. Michelle - Kitchen Dominatrix, food a speciality, hospitality a religion. Richard - Coaching demon, tough on slackers, tough on the causes of slackers Sam - Son, mentor, companion and guru to the above. The best is yet to come. We've all had a fabulous time, splashing, stomping and twiddling. Hard to imagine that we could have trained harder, slept more or eaten less in several lifetimes. I came for a holiday and had an "experience". Bloody marvellous. Triathlons equivalent of a pilgrimage to Mecca. Best climb is definitely the driveway, sorts out the wannabees from the has beens. If this had been any better I'd wake up and discover it was a dream. Nuff Said.Max
Thanks for a great stay in a brilliant area. The training was fantastic with helpful pointers from Richard. When I got here my intention was to be doing 4+ hrs on the bike each day. So when I arrived various routes of that length were already planned.........I could see that the record breaking distance could be broken with various loops of Ceret and Amelie. So after spending 8 hrs 15 mins on the bike over mountains and through valleys I achieved 222 km. After more brilliant food I was ready for the rest of the week even the power test on friday afternoon, where I almost collapsed at 420 watts.....Brilliant food, Brilliant coaching and Brilliant Sam! I will be back in September, maybe with a food package of salt and vinegar crisps, malt loaf and marmite. Sam I expect results from your triathlons! P.S. Don't let Justin near any women of any age!Chris
ChrisTeam XS