Training Peaks Coaching Software

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Why Sancture Sportifs Coaches Use Training Peaks

At Sancture Sportifs, all of our online triathlon coaching is fully supported by Training Peaks. It’s an easy to use, all in one integrated web, mobile and desktop based solution. Training Peaks not only helps our coaches immensely by giving them direct access to all the data and information they require,

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Heart Rate, GPS, Power Meters Data Upload

Training Peaks is compatible with over 100 GPS, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart enabled watches, bike computers, and mobile applications. It gives you the ability to upload data directly, allowing you and your coach to accurately record, monitor and analyse training and racing data.

An Annual Periodisation Plan

A clear plan focusing on the important periods, leading into your goals and objectives.

Individual Training Sessions

Designed specifically for you and your goals, in all disciplines.

Weekly Updated Training Plans

Designed to fit into your lifestyle and help achieve the best training adaption.

Online Training Diary, Feedback and Forum

Designed to answering any questions that have arisen through your training.

Strength and Core Stability Training Sessions

Including video and photography on how to perform the exercises correctly.

Weekly Coaching Updates

An essential part of all of our coaching programmes.

Nutrition Diary

This allows further essential analysis and advice to aid performances.