Early Summer Training Camps – Overcome your Open Water Swimming Fears

Open-Water Swimming: Practice makes Perfect”

“Practice makes Perfect” is an obvious cliché but very true! The best way to improve really is to get used to swimming in open water.

You will feel very quickly that swimming in lakes, rivers or the sea is much different than pool swimming (with each of these also being different in their own way).

There is no black line along the bottom to help guide you as you swim (if there was the water is probably too merky for you to see it!). So you will have to learn to lift your head enough to “sight” with the least impact on your water dynamics, whilst coated in a layer of neoprene.

Just the taste of salty water in the mouth, or the odd fish making a splash is enough to make some panic.

So make yourself comfortable in open water, practice in your wetsuit whenever you can and you will see an improvement come race day.

With this in mind our Training Camps have an open water focus to get you ready for the season ahead with frequent fully coached open water sessions (as well as bike and run) dealing with:

  • Wetsuit Swimming
  • Sighting
  • Drafting
  • Techniques adapted to open water  (eg Arm recovery / faster arm turnover)
  • And overcoming Anxiety!

See You soon!

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