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Book Review: Run By Matt Fitzgerald


We have just read the new book “Run” by Matt Fitzgerald (a regular writer on both Triathlon and Run related subjects). It is a very well written and informative book, which offers a refreshing “mind body” perspective on running.

Based on recent neurological research he advocates that runners should learn to listen to themselves and run more on feel than by anything else. He suggests that in doing so you will inevitably increase your enjoyment of running and therefore run more, with less injuries. This almost by default will make you go quicker.

This is a book which focuses on experienced athletes rather than those new to the sport, but whoever you are and whatever level you are currently at, it is a book that makes for interesting and thought provoking reading for both triathletes and runners alike.

In recent years he feels that too many triathletes and runners have become obsessed with data and fancy gadgetry and as a consequence have begun to ignore their own natural senses. These senses might very well be telling them that they should stop, slow down, or push their heart rate higher, and by ignoring these inner feelings, and simply relying on data, athletes may very well find themselves over trained, under trained or even injured.

It is not a new concept that the body is capable physically of continuing well after our brain tells us otherwise, and the more experienced the athlete the easier it is for them to tap into these top end reserves. Throughout the book Fitzgerald helpfully offers many examples from top level triathletes and runners of instances whereby listening to their bodies, athletes have been able to tap into their true capabilities, and achieve better results.

All in all a useful Triathlon Training read, for anyone seriously wanting to improve their run times.

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