A “Typical” Triathlon Training Week with us here at Sancture Sportifs.

A “Typical” Triathlon Training Week at Sancture Sportifs.

Firstly there isn’t really one, but I am often asked for an idea of how the week pans out, so here is my best shot !

In reality we offer a fairly unique Triathlon Training Experience as you maybe can gather from reading our clients comments. All your training days with us are fully coached by a Professional Experienced Triathlon Coach and supported and tailored to your needs in terms of goals, fitness and ability levels. We have 15 years of experiece doing just this and are very used to working with complete novices, age groupers, world class Triathletes, Kona qualifiers etc.

Open Water Swimming, Triathletes

Custom Triathlon Camps

By limiting numbers staying with us ( we take up to 10) it means we are able to deal with exactly your needs, even doing different sessions with different Triathletes if need be. On request we also “DeCamp” to larger venues and have run Triathlon Training Camps of up to 50 Triathletes.

( We are both qualified coaches, although Michelle keeps it a secret so she can do lots of other stuff;).

Eating for Triathlon

Meals are also flexible, delicious and home cooked, so you can choose on a daily basis if you want lunches and dinners and simply settle at the end of your stay. These meals are obviuosly scheduled around your training too.

Rich is the Head Coach of the club Triathlon Catalan, so you can also benefit doing some sessions with a larger group of Triathletes, and practice your French at the same time !

We have a well equiped gym on site, with: Wattbike, Treadmill, Rollers, TRX bands, various weight machines, free weights, kettle bells, wobble boards etc etc etc. Triathletes use these to varying degrees (again depending on their levels).

Custom Triathlon Training

Your training at Sancture Sportifs; whether you are with us for 2 days or 2 months ( yep athletes really stay that long !) is a dialogue, an organic journey of which we are part, very few sessions are cast in stone, allowing us to adapt to rain, injury, fatigue, etc.

So having said all that here is a general stab at what a « typical week » may look like. Please note you do not have to come Sat to Sat, you can in effect come any day to any day, but for the purpose of this I will presume a Monday to Sunday week.

Just a few things to note before:

*Swimming for Triathlon

Sessions vary a lot depending on what time of year you come. Generally the two nearby lakes are warm enough from April to October and the Sea from May – October.

In June, July, August and September we have private use of Amelies own 25m heated outdoor pool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It may well be worth noting at this point that all sessions are optional, and you do not need to do every session available !

On all Monday evenings ( excepting school holidays) we have a club session in the 50m indoor pool,  different lanes have different sets. This session is unforgettable for most visitors !

**Run sessions for Triathlon

Wednesday evenings there is a Track session with Triathlon Catalan – ( Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April,).

From mid April onwards Wednesday evenings move to the lake with Triathlon Catalan so then there is a lake swim followed by a run session ( depending on athletes there is either an easy recovery loop or the main weekly run interval session)

 A Triathlon Week

All sessions have a focus, which could be strength, speed, technique, endurance etc. There is also plenty of opportunity during the week to discuss any aspect of your training.


Breakfast 9am

2/3hr Introductory ride ( to look at your bike technique, bike strength, weaknesses how we can help improve during the week)

Lunch 13h

4 – 5 Run session ( could be anything from 30mins-1hr recovery run / technique run

Early Dinner 6pm

Evening swim 1h :15   private lane 50M POOL with Triathlon Catalan( all months except school holidays).



Breakfast 9am

Bike 1 : 30 – 5hrs depending on goals ( different groups if nec).

Short run off bike.

Lunch between 1pm – 4 pm ( depending on group)

Optional Strength Core session or Lake swim

Dinner 7 /8pm

* early evening swim



Breakfast 8 :30am

* Morning pool swim


Easy Ride to Lake ( option) **Lake swim, interval or recovery run.

Dinner/ BBQ at lake or 9pm back at base.



Breakfast 9am

Bike easy recovery ride.


Professional Sports Massage and/or afternoon recovery and/or light stretching, yoga, core session and/or visit to Thermal Spas

Dinner 7 /8pm

* early evening swim



Breakfast 8 :30am

* Morning pool swim or lake/ sea run option.

Early Lunch / picnic at lake/ sea ( depending on time of year)

Bike ride 1H30 – « hrs

Dinner 7 /8pm



Breakfast 9am

Brick session ( bike run bike run bike run distances vary depending on athlete goals/ level) anything from 2hrs – 6rs !

Late Lunch

Wine tasting / tapas Dinner out….



Breakfast 9am

Optional Last session ( bike/run /lake swim/ )



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