4500KM Round Trip for IRONMAN Coach…

Triathlon Coach Richard Laidlow is back in France.

Richard was one of the three official IRONMAN Coaches at the UK Ironman 2016 last weekend. He was there to offer support and guidance to all those racing this tough course in Lancashire. Throughout the whole weekend he was able to help triathletes with specifics such as their race nutrition strategy, last minute bike tweaking and discuss specific heart rate zones. All this whilst generally being available to offer his advice and experience to all those participation or thinking of participating in future Long Distance Triathlon events.

Sancture Coached Triathletes – They Did Richard Proud!

Richard Coaches several FulonTri athletes, two of whom were racing at Bolton this year.

Clare Wood

First time IRONMAN Athlete Clare Wood was a magnificent 3rd in her age group and 9th overall female – a truly great race.

Claire Wood Ironman UK Results

Thomas Claracq

Thomas Claracq posted yet another great IRONMAN time at this event of 10:28.

Paul Slone

Paul Slone (another IRONMAN virgin) looked the happiest athlete on the field achieving his sub 12:30 goal.

IRISH triathlete Paul Slone completes his first ironman

Richard Straight Back To Work

Warm Weather Training Base In The South of France

Arriving back at base after a 4,500km round trip Rich had a “deep nap” before returning to his day job. Swimming, biking, running with athletes from all around the world who choose to make Sancture Sportifs their all year round triathlon training base. That’s exactly what Tom and Claire from FulonTri during their Ironman Training Week (pictured below), and they’ll be back in the spring!

Fulontri athletes with their IRONMAN Coach, during a warm weather camp.


The Winners

At 36 Lucy Gossage GBR entered as the female favourite (having already taken the honours in both 2013 and 2015) and didn’t disappoint running to a smooth victory almost 20 minutes ahead of the second placed Deckers in what she claims is her favourite IRONMAN City.

Estonian Kirill Kotsegarov took the men’s race looking more and more comfortable as the run went on, extending his lead by 9 minutes as he approached the finish line. He even celebrated his win with ‪#‎FishChipsMushyPeasandGravy‬, all washed down with a pint! Way to go Kirill, you did us northerners proud!



Top 5 Pro Men

Ironman UK results 2016 pro men


Top 5 Pro Women

ironman uk 2016 results pro women

Full IRONMAN UK Results 07/17/16

Here are the full race results for the 2094 athletes that raced in Bolton this year.

And for comparisons here are the IRONMAN UK results over the previous three years:

See you all there next year!


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