1. When swimming easy aim to keep your legs together and have a strong 2 beat leg kick

2. You will notice your left hand crosses over to the other side of the body as you pull under water. This is loosing you power and not pushing the water in the right direction which causes your hips to sway around in the water.

3; Focus on keeping the head as still as you can when you swim other than when your breath, the constant head movment will slow you down as it catches more water and make you dizzy.

4. you leg kick is strong when you are swimming hard but this does not happen when you are swimming easy?  try to keep a constant leg kick no matter what speed you are traveling at

5. Aim your hand to enter as infront of your head as possible. when you had enters early it causes a number of problems such as your hands entering to deep then you have to push them upward causing a braking effect.